Who we are?

Aviation industry in the Middle East and Africa can tell you the story about United ATS.
In 1999, United Space was the first commercial name, where the primary aim was to improve the Air Navigation Services in Egypt and North Africa by delivering the first Air Navigation Satellite System. Unfortunately, that project could not survive due to the break out of the Gulf War, but the idea was always there.

United ATS is the first Egyptian private company provide Aviation Technology Services in The Middle East and Africa. With over eighteen years of history United ATS has become a regional supplier of high added value aviation technology services.

Today, United ATS is an Aviation Technology Leader in more than twenty countries, every year thousands of aircraft is flying safe in airspace using United ATS services, complete training package are provided to share international efforts for enhancement of global flight safety, our services are provided with integrity that is customer focused and placing value on safety to aviation industry.

Why Choose us

Our Mission

To play an integral part in aviation safety by providing competent and professional services, which comply with international standards.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a Global Leader in aviation technology services through excellence in aviation, qualified experts, advanced facilities and improved quality management system.