AMHS Course


  • Trainees will understand the AMHS infrastructure as a Modern Technology system in telecommunication Field.


By the end of the course the Trainee shall be able to:

  • Identify AFTN planning and AFS procedure.
  • Identify the conditions that must be satisfied before any circuit be regarded as an international (AFTN, CIDIN or AMHS) circuit.
  • Identify AFTN Regional Routing charts.
  • Use AFTN Regional Routing charts.
  • Get familiarization with the developments of AFTN and CIDIN.
  • Distinguish the diversion routing in automatic and none automatic system.
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of old and current communication system.
  • Recognize the data signaling rates in communication system.
  • List the phases of ATN implementation.
  • List the main elements of ATN.
  • Define AMHS.
  • Recognize the advantages of AMHS.
  • IdentifyX400/AMHS protocol Identify AMHS addressing (XF &CA AS addressing schemes)
  • Get familiarization with:
  • AMHS messaging model
  • AFTN/AMHS message conversion(interface)
  • AMHS/AFTN message conversion(interface)
  • AMHS message type–message structure
  • Components of envelope part of AMHS message
  • Classification of Priorities in AMHS
  • AMHS message type report (delivered reports undelivered reports)
  • Routing tables of AMC
  • AMC planning
  • Read messages information and classify messages originators (according to network used for their transmission).
  • Deal with messages priorities used by AMHS.

Who Sould Attend

  • Aeronautical Communications Operators

Course Content

  • Part 1 Transition from AFTN to AMHS
  • Module 1 Part 2 Introduction to Aero Telecom Networks
  • MODULE 2 Part 2 Introduction to AMHS


  • Master The Oral And Written Expression Of The Language Of Instruction Of The Course
  • The Trainee should have university degree or equivalent certificate and profession in communication field. The Trainee should have Basic AMS Operator course ICAO 171 and Basic AFS Operator course ICAO 172.
Course Code
Course Duration
10 Day

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