Advanced Aeronautical Cartography


  • This course is designed to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes to trainee to became cartographer that are necessary to enable progression to on-the-job training with the aim of obtaining an aeronautical chart specialist according to Competence of ICAO regulation


By the end of this Course the Participants will be able to;-

  • Understand the main concepts of the modern air navigation satellite systems such as "GNSS, GPS, CNS/ATM, RNAV, RNP and PBN".
  • Understand the main concepts and methods of survey that related to the production of aeronautical ICAO charts. 
  • Be familiar with all digital data sources that used in the charts productions such as Digital Elevation Model “DEM” data and able to build the data base needed to produce the Aeronautical Charts.
  • Be familiar with Types of Datum's, Projections and Scales.
  • Inspect on the navigational charts service provider deliverables.  
  • Familiar with all digital data sources that used in the charts productions like SRTM data. 
  • Build the data base needed to produce Aeronautical Charts.
  • Understand the main concepts of air traffic control separations and procedures.
  • Read the topographic maps and extract the data from it like natural obstacles and the aerodrome General geographical features needed to ICAO area chart production.
  • Understand the components of the aeronautical charts production data base.
  • Understand the local AIP aeronautical chats.
  • Maintain the quality assurance for the aerodrome survey files and also able to extract the needed data for charting.
  • Produce all types of local AIP charts using automation software's (Local software or UATS software).
  • Make the quality control procedures for the Aeronautical Charts that will be published in the AIP and also the necessary amendments in the amendment cycle.
  • Update or amend the local AIP charts periodically.

Who Sould Attend

  • ATCs AIS officers & ATS officers
  • Cartographer

Course Content

  • Module 01 - Introduction to Cartography
  • Module 02 - Airspace Management
  • Module 03 - Map Design
  • Module 04 - Aeronautical Charts
  • Module 05 - GNSS


  • Master The Oral And Written Expression Of The Language Of Instruction Of The Course
  • The participant should have Basic Aeronautical Cartography course 022 ICAO; or
  • Has an experience of not less than 10 years in the field of Aeronautical Cartography.
Course Code
Course Duration
10 Day

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