Safety Oversight Aerodrome Inspectors


Understand the requirements and processes for aerodromes certification as contained in ICAO Annex 14, Manual of Aerodrome Certification (ICAO DOC 9774), Safety Management Manual (ICAO DOC 9859), and associated guidance material;


After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Prepare an Aerodrome Certification Application Package and guidance material for prospective aerodrome certification applicants;
  •  Plan, organize and evaluate pre-application and formal application meetings with a prospective applicant for aerodrome certification;
  • Conduct an in-depth review of an Aerodrome Manual, and operating procedures;
  •  Conduct an initial inspection of aerodrome’s facilities and equipment to assess their compliance with certification requirements;
  • Issue the aerodrome certificate based on the evaluation of the Aerodrome Manual, operating procedures, and safety management system, and assessment of equipment and facilities;
  • Promulgate the certified status of an aerodrome and the required details in the Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP);
  • Plan and conduct aerodrome related surveillance activities, including inspections of the various components of an aerodrome;

Who Sould Attend

  • Airports
  • • Civil Aviation Authorities

Course Content

  • Module 01: Aerodrome Certification Manual (ACM)
  • Module 02: Aerodrome Physical Characteristics
  • Module 03: Visual NAV Aids
  • Module 04: Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting ARFF
  • Module 05: Airport Self-Inspection Program
  • Module 06: Runway Incursion Prevention
  • Module 07 - Risk assessment


Aerodrome Certification Course

Course Code
Course Duration
10 Day
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