World Geodetic System - WGS 84



By the end of course trainees will be able to:

  • Introduced to World Geodetic System 1984.
  • Introduced to Problems in Geodesy.
  • Identify Accuracy, Resolution and Integrity of Aeronautical Data.
  • Define WGS-84 Coordinate System and its Accuracy.
  • Identify different scenarios of obtaining WGS-84 Coordinates.
  • Introduced to Aeronautical Survey Requirements and data collection and survey methodology.
  • Define Data quality and Quality assurance.
  • Introduced to GNSS, ITRF, and Map Projections.

Who Sould Attend

  • CAA
  • Inspectors and Regulators, Flight Procedures Designers, and Aerodrome Service Providers ATC, Airport Engineers and Pilots.
  • AIS officers and operation officers of the aviation companies.
  • ATCs AIS officers & ATS officers
  • Cartographer

Course Content

  • Module 01: Part 01: Geodesy
  • Module 01: Part 02: Coordinate Reference Systems in Aviation
  • Module 02: Errors
  • Module 03: Datum and WGS 84
  • Module 04: Obtain WGS-84 Coordinate
  • Module 05: Aerodrome/Heliport Surveys
  • Module 06: Quality
  • Module 07: The Global Navigation Satellite system (GNSS)


Flight Procedures Designers and working in the Air Navigation Services.

Course Code
Course Duration
5 Day
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