Integrated Safety Management System (ISMS)



  • To provide a structured management approach to control safety risks in operations taking into account the organization’s specific structures and processes related to safety of operations.
  • Using Integrated Safety management as an organizational function, which ensures that all safety risks have been identified, assessed and satisfactorily mitigated
  • Increase the ability to transfer theory into good practice in the proper context is a skill that can be developed during the course
  • The bedrock of the course, is the concept of applying technical and non-technical safety principles to the way we work and as a contribution to individual resilience
  • To trigger dynamic interactions between knowledge and experience that will improve problem solving, critical thinking and judgment as a means of preventing errors and their associated accidents
  • Understanding and use of safety standards
  • How to perform safety monitoring in a systematic manner for the whole organization departments

Who Sould Attend

  • safety managers
  • • SMS implementation and supervision staff
  • Safety Manager and Safety Staff

Course Content

  • Module 0 - ISMS Course Introduction
  • Module 9 - Hazard Reporting in Aviation
  • Module 10 - Safety Risk Management
  • Module 12 - MOC Practical Implementation
  • Module 1 - System of systems
  • Module 1-1 - Introduction to Integrated Safety Management
  • Module 2 - System of System
  • Module 4 - Safety Policy & Planning in ISMS
  • Module 5 - Safety Managers at Work
  • Module 8: Hazard and Risk Analysis
  • Module 7 - Hazard and Risk Analysis in ISMS
  • Module 11: Constructing Safety Case
  • Module 13: Safety Through Design
  • Module 14: Process Controls
  • Module 15: Performance-Based Safety Monitoring


Safety Managers & SMS Implementation Staff


Start Date: August 3, 2024
Registration Deadline: July 28, 2024
Fees: 4000 USD

Course Code
Course Duration
15 Day
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