Basic Aeronautical Cartography



At the end of this course the Participant will be able to

  • provide the participants with the themes of Cartography science and how to use it in representation of Air Navigation & Aerodromes data "Aeronautical Charts “.
  • Bbe familiar with the Scale, Projections, Directions, Geographical Coordinates, WGS-84, and Topography and Relief Representation.
  • Read the topographic maps and extract the data from it such as obstacles and the aerodrome General geographical features needed to the ICAO Aeronautical Charts production.
  • To be familiar with the principals of drawing maps and reading all Aviation Charts. 
  • Enable the participants to know how to produce different kinds of Aeronautical Charts according to the Phases of flight.
  • Draw, check and amend general maps and Aeronautical Charts.
  • Produce all types of AIP charts using automation software's (Local software or UATS software).
  • Demonstrate and be familiar with ICAO aeronautical charts and will be able to draw, check and adjust general maps and Aeronautical Charts.

Who Sould Attend

  • ATCs AIS officers & ATS officers
  • Cartographer

Course Content

  • Module 0 - Introduction
  • Module 01 - Geodesy
  • Module 02 - Types of Aeronautical Charts & Chart Groups
  • Module 03 - Aeronautical Charts


  • Master The Oral And Written Expression Of The Language Of Instruction Of The Course
  • Participants must prove an aviation background through: ICAO Course 051 or ICAO Course 021.
Course Code
Course Duration
10 Day

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