Aviation Safety Risk Management


  • ICAO and other regulators require all aviation organisations to implement an SMS.
  • A Safety Management System is required to manage risk and keep aircraft operations safe. In order to manage such a program an organisation is obliged to develop the necessary knowledge and skills among its key personnel.
  • This particular training provides essential knowledge and develops the required skills and competencies of all attending trainings in order to properly perform risk assessments and inevitably manage risk in an effective and way.
  • A course which is directed to safety and quality professionals, line managers and the personnel who would work in the implementation and operation of the SMS.


Upon completion of this course, trainees will expand their learning capacity and understanding and will develop additional skills and competencies in order to:

  • Ensure company complies with regulatory requirements related to risk management for aviation
  • Contribute to the development of mapping and registry of hazards ·     Improve the quality of risk assessments
  • Utilise risk assessments to make decisions relevant to safety and operations
  • Ensure risk assessment improves the way that the company manages safety and the effectiveness of aviation SMS

Who Sould Attend

  • Aerodrome quality and compliance managers
  • safety managers
  • Safety Manager and Safety Staff
  • • SMS implementation and supervision staff

Course Content

  • Aviation SMS and risk management – international standards and practical applications
  • Risk management process
  • When to perform risk assessment
  • Using tools to calculate and mitigate risks
  • Management decisions to secure realistic control of risks
  • Several practical exercises in risk assessment
  • Hazard identification methods


Riyadh - KSA
Course Code
Course Duration
5 Day
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