The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is charged with the duty of promoting the safety, efficiency and economy of international air transportation. The instrument flight procedure (IFP) is an essential component of the aviation system. Every day and during every flight, thousands of aircraft around the world are flying instrument departure, arrival or approach procedures to airports in every country. The safety and quality of these procedures is often taken for granted by aviation professionals. The flying public assume that they will get to their destination safely, and for the most part, do not even realize that IFPs exist. Flight procedures are such an integral part of everyday flight operations that their quality cannot be left to chance.

United ATS is authorized By an ICAO Contracting State to Design The instrument Flight Procedures based on the folowing:

  1. Conventional Navigation Systems.
  2. Satellite Navigation Systems.
  3. Performance Based Navigation (PBN).
  4. Required Navigation Performance – Authorization Required (RNP – AR).

Authorized Instrument Flight Procedures include:

  • Standard Instrument Arrivals (STAR).
  • Standard Instrument Departures (SID).
  • Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP).
  • MSA and TAA.
  • Holding Procedures.
  • Visual Flight Procedures.
  • ATS Routes.